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"Atmospheric Electricity: From Ben Franklin to Steve Rutledge", by S. A. Rutledge, invited seminar, University of Utah, 3 March 2021.

"Atmospheric electrification, lightning and convection: A tutorial", by S. A. Rutledge, NASA JPL CCS Distinguished Climate Lecture, 18 November 2020.

“Statistics and Evolution of Extratropical Cyclones using GPM”, by S. A. Rutledge, K. Rasmussen, and B. Dolan, PMM Science Team meeting, October 2020.

“A Multi-Case Analysis of GLM Detection Efficiency in Alabama, Colorado and West Texas”, by A. W. Clayton, S. A. Rutledge, and K. Hilburn, GLM Science Team meeting, 9 September 2020.

“The Colorado State University ship-based C-band dual polarized radar: Deployment and early science”, by S. A. Rutledge et al., AMS Conference on Radar Meteorology, September 2019, Nara Japan.

“Polarimetric Radar Observations over the Tropical Oceans using SEA-POL”, by S. A. Rutledge and V. Chandrasekear, Int. Precipitation Conference, June 2019, Irvine, CA.

“CSU GLM Work Summary”, by S. A. Rutledge, GLM Science Team meeting, 12 September 12, 2019. NASA/MSFC, Huntsville AL.

“Early results from the PISTON field campaign”, by S. A. Rutledge, PISTON Science Team meeting, Scripps, La Jolla, CA January 2019.

"The PISTON Field Campaign: Propagation of Intra-Seasonal Tropical Oscillations", by Steven A. Rutledge, AGU fall meeting, 10-14 December 2018, Washington, D.C.

"Comparison of DPR and IMERG rain products to ship-based polarimetric radar observations over the E. tropical Pacific and W. tropical Pacific basins", by S. A. Rutledge, 2018 NASA PMM Science Team meeting, 8-11 October, Phoenix AZ

"The PISTON Field Campaign" by S. A. Rutledge, AOGS Meeting, June 2018, Honolulu, HI.

"SEA-POL goes to sea: SPURS-2 16 October – 17 November 2017", by S. A. Rutledge, presented at NSF/AGS, 26 February 2018, Alexandria, VA.

"Ship-based Polarimetric Radar Observations of Convection in the E. Pacific ITCZ", by S. A. Rutledge, AMS Annual Meeting, David Raymond Symposium, January 2018, Austin TX (invited).

"GLM Validation Studies in Colorado (and a brief look at the tropics)", presented by Steven Rutledge, 2017 AGU Fall Meeting, 14 December 2017, New Orleans, LA

"Lightning Studies at CSU", presented by Steven Rutledge, Prof. Richard E. Orville Symposium, 4 October 2017, Texas A&M University

"Examining GLM and LMA flash rates in the context of radar observations", presented by Steven Rutledge, GLM Science Team Meeting, 12-14 September 2017, NASA-MSFC Huntsville AL

"Tropical and Mid-latitude MCSs: A Review", an invited presentation by Steven Rutledge, Robert A. Houze, Jr. Symposium, AMS Annual Meeting, January 2017, Seattle WA

"Global disdrometer observations and modes of rain drop-size distributions", an invited presentation by Steven Rutledge, NASA Precipitation Measurement Mission Science Team Meeting, 26 October 2016, Houston, TX

"Colorado Front Range Update", an invited presentation by Steven Rutledge, GLM Science Team Meeting, 28 September 2016, Huntsville, AL

On the Radar: NSF Award Funds Project for Oceanic Research

"An Integrated View of Convection from MC3E", a presentation by Prof. Steven Rutledge, DOE-ASR Science Team Meeting, 19 March 2015, Tysons Corner, VA

"DYNAMO Convection: Ship Radar, TRMM, and DSD Studies", a seminar by Steve Rutledge at Goddard NASA, 18 July 2014

"Radar Studies of Lightning Producing Clouds", an invited presentation by Steve Rutledge at the International Lightning Meteorology Conference, Tucson AZ, 20-21 March 2014

"Microphysical variability of tropical and mid-latitude rainfall as revealed by polarimetric radar", a presentation by Steve Rutledge at the 2013 AGU Fall Meeting, San Francisco, CA, 9-13 December 2013

"Winter Storm Studies along the Front Range of Colorado during FROST", a presentation by Steve Rutledge at the AMS 36th Conference on Radar Meteorology, Breckenridge, CO, 15-20 September 2013

"A tribute to Prof. V. N. Bringi", a presentation by Steve Rutledge at the V. N. Bringi Symposium at the AMS 36th Conference on Radar Meteorology, Breckenridge, CO, 15-20 September 2013

"A Journey Through the Tropics Over the Last 25 Years: Thanks to NASA",Invited seminar, Prof. Steven Rutledge, NASA-Goddard Space Flight Center, 18 July, 2013.

"CSU-CHILL Update", a presentation by Steve Rutledge at the Observing Facilities Advisory Panel meeting, Boulder, CO, 6 May 2013

"Radar Derived Precipitation Physics: Implications for GPM", a presentation by Steve Rutledge at the 2013 NASA PMM Science Team meeting, Annapolis, MD, 18 March 2013

"X-Band Addition to CSU-CHILL Radar Facility", a poster presented by V. Chandrasekar at ERAD in Toulouse France, July 2012

"GLD360 Lightning Observations in Relation to the Madden Julian Oscillation (MJO)", a presentation by Steve Rutledge at the International Lightning Meteorology Conference in Broomfield, CO on April 4, 2012

Regional comparison of West African convective characteristics: a TRMM-based climatology.

Radar characteristics of continental, coastal, and maritime convection observed during AMMA/NAMMA.

"NASA N-Pol Data Collection in MC3E and ...", a presentation by Steve Rutledge at the November 2011 PMM Science Team Meeting

Transient luminous events above two mesoscale convective systems: Charge moment change analysis

A new dual-polarization radar rainfall algorithm: Application in Colorado precipitation events

A Framework for the Statistical Analysis of Large Radar and Lightning Datasets: Results from STEPS 2000

S-Band Dual Polarization Radar Observations of Winter Storms

Seminar given by Steve Rutledge to NWS Goodland and Dodge City offices on 25 February 2011 at the Goodland KS National Weather Service Office.

Investigation of microphysical processes occurring in isolated convection during NAME

Polarimetric Radar Observations of Convection in Northwestern Mexico during the North American Monsoon Experiment

Vertical Structure of Convective Systems during NAME 2004

Using CASA IP1 to diagnose kinematic and microphysical interactions in a convective storm

Transient luminous events above two mesoscale convective systems: Storm structure and evolution

Characteristics of an African Easterly Wave Observed During NAMMA

Tropical Rainfall Regimes: Issues for TRMM PR Rainfall Estimation Presented by Prof. Steven Rutledge on 28 October 2009, NASA PMM Science Team meeting, Salt Lake City, UT.

A Report on the NCAR S-Pol and CSU-CHILL Integrated Radar Facilities Presented by Prof. S. Rutledge at the NSF Facilities User's Workshop, 16 June 2009, NCAR.

Cloud Dynamics, Structure and..... by Prof. Steven Rutledge, present to the ASP Remote Sensing Symposium, 3 June 2009, NCAR, Boulder, CO

Observations of Two Transient Luminous Event-Producing Mesoscale Convective Systems by Dr. Timothy Lang, presented to AGU Chapman Conference on Effects of Thunderstorms and Lightning in the Upper Atmosphere, PSU, University Park, PA, 10-14 May 2009

Contrasting Tropical Rainfall Regimes Using TRMM and Ground-Based Polarimetric Radar by Prof. Steven Rutledge, presented to EGU 2009, Vienna, Austria on 25 April 2009

Analysis and Application of the CASA IP1 X-Band Polarimetric Radar Network

Lightning Characteristics in Bow Echo and Supercell Storms

Characteristics of Convection in an African Easterly Wave Observed During NAMMA (PPT file)

Contrasting Tropical Rainfall Regimes Using TRMM and Ground-Based Polarimetric Radar (PPT file)

Atmospheric Science at Colorado StateUniversity (PPT), Presentation by Prof. Steve Rutledge at UNC

Evolution of Radar Structure, Total Lightning and Sprite Production in an Oklahoma Mesoscale Convective System on 20 June 2007

Elevation-Dependent Trends in Precipitation Observed by the NAME Radar Network

C3VP: AMFR and King City Radar Intercomparison

Radar observations of convection in a large-scale disturbance during NAMMA

Diurnal Characteristics of Precipitation Features Over the East Pacific: A Comparison of the EPIC and TEPPS Regions

Cloud-To-Ground Lightning Polarity and Environmen tal Conditions Over the Central United States

NAME Three-Dimensional Low-Resolution S-Pol Radar Grids (Version 1) Report

CSU STEPS 2000 Research Highlights (ppt), AGU talk by Prof. Steven A. Rutledge

Vertical Structure and Kinematics of Tropical Monsoon Precipitation Observed from a 2875-MHz Profiler during NAME

Composite Images from the Three NAME Radars Overlayed on GOES IR.

Presentation: Radar-Observed Characteristics of the Diurnal Cycle of Precipitation during NAME 2004

Presentation: Eight Years of TRMM Data: Understanding the Regional Mechanisms Behind the Diurnal Cycle

Diurnal Cycle of Shallow and Deep Convection for a Tropical Land and an Ocean Environment and its Relationship to Synoptic Wind Regimes

AMMA TRMM Precipitation Feature Analyses

A Gathering of RadarMet people at the AMS 2005 Radar Conference (Picture)

Operational Aspects of Polarimetric Radar, AMS Radar Meteorology Conference Keynote, by Prof. Steven A. Rutledge, 27 October 2005

NAME Seminar by Prof. S. A. Rutledge presented at the University of Maryland, 11 October 2005

Cloud-to-Ground Lightning Downwind of the 2002 Hayman Forest Fire in Colorado

The 29 June 2000 Supercell Observed During STEPS. Part II: Lightning and Charge Structure

The 29 June 2000 Supercell Observed During STEPS. Part I: Kinematics and Microphysics

Seminar by Prof. Steven Rutledge, presented 28 April 2005, University of Washington: What CYCLES did for this UW graduate!

A Preliminary Comparison of Version 5 and Version 6 TRMM Rainfall Products

Storm Morphological and Rainfall Characteristics of TRMM Precipitation Features (7.8 MB powerpoint)

GPM Front Range Pilot Project Final Report

SoloII Help Files

NAME: SPOL Microphysical Cases

GPM Front Range Pilot Project Preliminary Results

Convective Variability Across The East Pacific

The Horizontal Structure of Precipitating Systems in the Tropics According to TRMM

GPM Front Range Pilot Project Logs and Notes

GPM Front Range Pilot Project

NAME Preliminary Research Activities

AT741 Class Page (2004)

An Examination of Version 5 Rainfall Estimated from the TRMM Microwave Imager, Precipitation Radar, and Rain Gauges

STEPS: Severe Thunderstorm Electrification and Precipitation Study: May - July 2000 (Invited AGU 2003 Talk, Rutledge, et. al.; PPT file)

Convection and easterly wave structure in the eastern Pacific warm pool during EPIC-2001

An Ensemble Study of Wet Season Convection in the Southwest Amazon: Kinematics and Implications for Diabatic Heating

TRMM climatology: Comparisons of observed storm morphology and validation opportunities

ICAE 2003 Program and Extended Abstracts

Polarimetric Rainfall Estimation: CHILL Radar in Northeast CO

Precipitation features according to TRMM and implications for GPM (7MB PPT)

Observations of Clear-Air Dumbbell-Shaped Echo Patterns with the CSU-CHILL Polarimetric Radar

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June 29, 2000 STEPS Supercell Storm: Relationships between Kinematics, Microphysics, and Lightning

EPIC Rainfall Maps

Radar Meteorology: Perspectives from Ocean, Land and Space, Slides from a Science Talk by Rob Cifelli at the ATS 40th Anniversary Celebration

Examples of How To Process Radar Data

Educational Innovations in Radar Meteorology (PDF, Powerpoint), an invited lecture by Dr. Steven Rutledge at the David Atlas Symposium, AMS meeting, Orlando, FL, January 14, 2002.

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