Brenda Dolan


Research Scientist

Radar Meteorology Group

Dept. Atmospheric Science

Colorado State University

bdolan [at]

I am interested in warm and cold-season cloud physics and precipitation processes. I enjoy traveling and collecting data during field projects, then analyzing the results. I specialize in X-band radar, but I have worked with a number of different radars/wavelengths and instruments.  I am currently analyzing data from all over the world, including Oklahoma, Colorado, Benin Africa, and Darwin Australia.

I participated in the CRYSTAL-FACE field campaign in the Florida Everglades in 2001, working at the N-Pol radar.  In 2004, I was a radar scientist at the S-Pol radar during the North American Monsoon Experiment (NAME), and had the unique experience of spending 18 days on the Mexican Navy ship the Altair launching soundings in the Gulf of California.



S-Pol in the field during NAME

The new CHILL antenna