We are home to the TOGA COARE CSU/MIT Radar Archive. The MIT Radar was on the R/V John V. Vickers located in the Western Pacific from November 1992 through February 1993. More information about the TOGA COARE Experiment can be found at the TOGA COARE Data Information System website.

The small subsets of the radar data are available through ftp. You will need to request that the data be placed on disk. Send your requests to Before requesting data, please read the description of the archive and look at the tape catalogs (or inventories) of the data. To help you select the proper time period, base-scan images taken every ten minutes from the MIT radar are available. They have been averaged onto a 400km by 400km grid with 2km grid point spacing. The reflectivity of any gate within 4.5km of a grid point was averaged into that grid point. If you desire large subsets of the data or the whole archive, contact the Data Support people at NCAR, or people at NASA.

Note the radar reflectivity values need to be increased by 2.4 dBZ to account for a correction to the antenna gain and for a missing bandwidth term in the radar equation (Ferrier, et. al., 1995; Richenbach and Rutledge, 1998).

Some surface meteorological data from the R/V John V. Vickers (cids and sail).

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