TRMM LBA SPOL Rainrate Data

Note: Please acknowledge the CSU Radar Meteorology Group if this data is used in any presentations, posters, or manuscripts. Also, please take the time to read the documentation (see links below) on the methodology used to produce the rain maps before interpreting the results. Questions about the rain maps can be sent to Dr. Larry Carey (

The rainrate data is available as compressed ascii files with the following format:


where x,y are relative to S-pol origin in km, rr=rainrate (mm/hr) and method is the polimetric technique that was used to compute the rainrate. For more information of how the rainrates were computed look at this web page or PDF file.

They are available here and in a compressed tar archive

Note: Before 14 November 2003 the x (E/W) and the y (N/S) was switched, so before 14 November 2003 the data was formatted as y,x,rr,method. It has been corrected.