Radar Meteorology Group Priority Cases


Date (YYMMDD) Meteorological Regime Ancillary Observations and Notes
990116 Westerly TRMM overpass at 1643Z; nocturnal stratiform case
990119 Westerly Life cycle of short line captured in east lobe, shallow convection (tops < 10 km)
990120 Easterly TRMM overpass at 1506Z, high res scans over profilers and rain gauge network
990123 Easterly Shallow convection with intense cores, overpass at 2249Z with activity in east lobe
990126-990127 Easterly Intense squall line, Citation spiral over profiler, lightning in stratiform region
990131 Westerly Nice squall line with sampling of system life cycle, sounding launch just prior to gust front passage at Abracos Hill
990205 Westerly Line formed in east dual Doppler lobe, ER2 sampling
990209-990211 Easterly Numerous convective systems in dual lobes, good life cycle studies
990212 Easterly ER2 and Citation sampling over profilers, overpass at 0324Z
990214 Easterly Citation sampling in mixed phase zone in east dual Doppler lobe
990217 Easterly ER2 and Citation sampling of intense convection in east dual Doppler lobe. Overpass at 0035Z
990223 Westerly Electrified cells with ER2, Citation, and overpass data
990227 Westerly Early morning widespread stratiform echo, overpass at 1916Z in west lobe convection

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