LBA Priority Flight Legs

Based on discussion at the TRMM Microphysics meeting in Salt Lake (February 2000), the following flight legs were identified as priority cases for the May 2000 TRMM Workshop:


 Date (YYMMDD)  Time (UTC)  Latitude  Longitude  Notes

Start: 20:53:57

Stop: 21:03:37





The leg basically splits the coverage area in two, with the ER-2 being within 5 km of the
Citation flight leg at all times and deviations along the leg by the Citation within 5 km. Citation flight level 25K.

Start: 19:58:49

Stop: 20:09:09





Er-2 right on top of the Citation for this leg. Citation flight level varied from ~13 K to 15 K (in the close vicinity of the stratiform melting level).

Start: 19:44:41

Stop: 19:56:31





Citation spiral band. Leg defined to split the spiral band in half and oriented approximately parallel to ER-2 flight track. ER-2 track was parallel too and a little southeast (couple km) of the Citation track.





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