TRMM LBA Lightning and Convective Structure Analysis

Note: results on this page represent work in progress and caution should be excercised in their interpretation

This page presents lightning and convective structure results from ground-based radar, TRMM satellite, and the ground-based lightning detection network (BLDN). The work is collaboration between Tom Rickenbach (NASA Mesoscale Processes Branch), Rich Blakeslee (NASA MSFC), Ed Zipser (University of Utah) and the CSU Radar Meteorology Group.

Sounding Analysis

TOGA Radar Analysis

Continental Scale Impact of Regimes

TRMM Satellite Analysis

BLDN Analysis (Data courtesy of Rich Blakeslee; NASA MSFC

TRMM-PR Analysis of Easterly and Westerly Regimes for Rondonia and the Mato Grosso




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