Analysis of the 23 February TRMM Overpass

Note: results on this page represent work in progress and caution should be excercised in their interpretation



On February 23rd, a convective system moved across the east dual Doppler lobe (motion out of 280 deg at 8 m/s). This event was sampled by ground based radar, profilers, the Citation and ER2 aircraft coincidentally with the passage of the TRMM satellite over the region (at approximately 21 UTC). Dual Doppler analyses were performed at the time of the overpass. The ER-2 observed a "blue-jet" (cloud to stratosphere electrical discharge) from one of the deep cells on the north end of the ER-2 flight leg.

Radar Analysis


Profiler Plots (courtesy of the NOAA Aeronomy Laboratory)


Satellite Imagery

Abracos Hill Surface Measurements (courtesy of Galdino Mota at University of Utah)





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