This site includes research activities in the CSU Radar Meteorology Group in support of the Global Precipitation Measurement mission (GPM) Front Range Pilot Project, whose data collection phase spanned May-July 2004 along Colorado's Front Range.  This project is supported by NASA GPM Ground Validation and is a collaboration among CSU, NOAA's Environmental Technology Laboratory, NOAA's Aeronomy Laboratory, and the NASA Tropical Rainfall Measuring Mission/Global Precipitation Mission Office.

Experimental Design
Local Information
  • Java V-CHILL
  • J-W Disdrometer Data (corrected for fall-speed) - Courtesy C. Williams CERES/NOAA-AL
    • BAO
    • PLT (includes both AL and CU disdrometers)
  • PLT Surface Rain Gauge Data - Courtesy C. Williams CERES/NOAA-AL
    • PLT (includes both AL and CU gauges)
  • Data archives at ETL
Priority Case Study Results
  • 20 May
  • 24 May
  • 21 June
  • 15 July
  • 16 July
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