Fort Collins Flood

Fort Collins experienced heavy rain and flooding on the evening of 28 July 1997 (29 July 1997 UTC). The above picture (by John Weaver) shows a local mobile home park that was inundated by the flood. Several people lost their lives at the mobile home park. Here are some preliminary results/analysis of the flood.

  • "The Ft. Collins Flood of 28 July 1997: Polarimetric Radar Observations"
  • CSU-CHILL Radar Reflectivities (FVR Animation)
  • CSU-CHILL Cumulative Rainfall (Polarimetrically Tuned Z-R) (FVR Animation)
  • Early First Look at CSU-CHILL Dual Polarization Radar Data
  • Cheyenne Radar Reflectivities (2.6MB MPEG Animation)
  • Fort Collins Flash Flood: Satellite Images (CIRA)
  • An Analysis of Rainfall for the July 28, 1997 Flood in Fort Collins, Colorado
  • Casc2D Rainfall Rate Time Series