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CASA: Collaborative Adaptive Sensing of the Atmosphere

CASA IP1 region

The primary objective of CASA is to improve observations and forecasting of devastating weather such as flash floods, tornados, high winds, and hail by developing new paradigms for sensing the atmosphere. These near-surface events are often missed by the current S-band national radar observation network, NEXRAD, due to the Earth’s curvature, radar beam refraction and separation between radars. To solve the coverage problem and minimize curvature effects, CASA proposed dense networks of short-range X-band, polarimetric, Doppler radars with an adaptive scanning strategy that could sit on existing infrastructure. The first test bed, or Integrated Project 1 (IP1), was established in southwestern Oklahoma, and consists of four X-band, polarimetric, Doppler radars with overlapping coverage.

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For more information about CASA activities, please see CSU CASA page and the UMASS main CASA page

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