C3VP - Canadian CloudSat/CALIPSO Validation Project

The Canadian CloudSat/CALIPSO Validation Project (C3VP) is part of the international CloudSat program. With C3VP, the Meteorological Service of Canada (MSC), Environment Canada, has been performing extensive validation of the satellite products in the context of the Canadian climate.

NASA's Global Precipitation Measurement (GPM) program is partnering with C3VP at the CARE site near Egbert, Ontario to improve understanding of snowfall. In January 2007, the CSU Radar Meteorology Group participated in a field program at the CARE site, which included extensive ground and Convair-580 aircraft instrumentation. The CSU Radar Meteorology Group was responsible for directing science operations of the University of Massachusetts Advanced Multi-Frequency Radar (AMFR) and collecting snowfall measurements during the experiment.

In addition to participating in the experiment, the CSU Radar Meteorology Group is working with University of Massachusetts on the AMFR data quality control and evaluating the overall integrity of the AMFR data for GPM ground validation. The CSU group is also working with GPM investigators and Environment Canada to produce ground validation products using King City radar data.

Radar Meteorology Group C3VP Research

Radar Meteorology Group C3VP Publications

Petersen, W.A., D. Hudak, V.N. Bringi, P. Siqueira, A. Tokay, V. Chandrasekar, L.F. Bliven, R. Cifelli, T. Lang, S. Rutledge, G. Skofronick-Jackson, and M. Schwaller, 2007: NASA GPM/PMM participation in the Canadian CLOUDSAT/CALIPSO Validation Project (C3VP): Physical process studies in snow. Preprint Volume, 33rd International Conference on Radar Meteorology, American Meteorological Society, August 6-10, Cairns, Australia. [PDF]

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