ATS780 - Atmospheric Electricity

Spring 2017 - Dr. Steven Rutledge


17 January Introduction
19 January Dr. Earle Williams, 2012 Franklin lecture (Lightning and Climate)
24 January No Class (AMS)
26 January No Class (AMS)
2 February Global Circuit Overview (Prof. Rutledge)
7 February No Class (travel)
9 February No Class (travel)
14 February Global Circuit Overview (Prof. Rutledge); J. Barnum (Global Circuit)
16 February J. Bukowski (Seasonal Variations); Spherical Capacitor and Schumman Resonance (Prof. Rutledge)
21 February K. Chudler (Electrified Shower Clouds); E-field Observations in Antarctica (Prof. Rutledge); CAPE Scaling (Prof. Rutledge)
23 February T. Davis (Lightning and Climate); K. Reimel (Global Circuit Intensity)
28 February Charge Structures and Charging Mechanisms (Prof. Rutledge)
2 March Charge Structures and Charging Mechanisms (Prof. Rutledge)
7 March J. Barnum (Thunderstorm Charge Separation); J. Bukowski (Riming Electrification); K. Chudler (The Effect of Liquid Water on Thunderstorm Charging)
9 March T. Davis (The Effect on Thunderstorm Charging of the Rate of Rime Accretion by Graupel); K. Reimel (Charge transfer between colliding ice particles)
14 March Spring Break
16 March Spring Break
21 March No Class (travel)
23 March Inverted Storms (B. Fuchs)
28 March Midterm Exam
30 March Review Midterm Exam; Radar Detection of Lightning (Prof. Rutledge)
4 April Dr. Davis Sentmann 2010 Franklin lecture (Sprites)
6 April Dr. Walt Lyons lecture plus offsite lunch (Transient Luminous Events)
11 April No Class
13 April No Class
18 April Student Presentations: J. Barnum; J. Bukowskii (Lightning and Severe Weather)
20 April Vaisala Visit (Leave ATS at 10:30 AM)
25 April Student Presentations: K. Chudler; T. Davis (Lightning and Severe Weather)
27 April Student Presentations: K. Riemel (Lightning and Severe Weather); Discussion of Final Projects (Prof. Rutledge)
2 May Radar detection of lightning (Prof. Rutledge)
4 May Meet individually with students to review progress on Final Project

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