ATS650 - Meteorological Instrumentation

Fall 2013 - Dr. Steven Rutledge


26 August Introduction, class goals, grading, projects, etc.
28 August Introduction to field observations:  Field projects of the Radar Meteorology Group
2 SeptemberLabor Day, no class
4 SeptemberField projects, continued
9 SeptemberField projects, continued
11 SeptemberTour of CSU Main Campus Weather Station
16 SeptemberUrban heat island data collection
18 SeptemberUrban heat island data collection
23 SeptemberUrban heat island study, discuss results
25 SeptemberOceanographic observations
30 September
2 OctoberGuest lecture, Dr. June Wang, radiosondes.
7 OctoberRadiosonde launch
9 OctoberThe OLYMPEX field project for NASA GV (Dr. Lynn McMurdie, U. of Washington)
14 OctoberField trip to NCAR/Research Aviation Facility
16 OctoberRadar Meteorology lecture 1
21 OctoberGuest speaker: Dr. Tammy Weckwerth, NCAR/Remote Sensing Facility
23 OctoberRadar Meteorology lecture 2
28 OctoberField trip to the CSU-CHILL Radar Facility
30 OctoberRadar Meteorology lecture 3
4 NovemberRadar Basics, beam refraction, radar equation
6 NovemberSingle Doppler velocity patterns, Doppler moments
11 NovemberDr. Walt Lyons, Observing lightning
13 NovemberField trip to Vaisala Inc. Lightning Detection
18 NovemberPolarimetric radar basics, Pat Kennedy lectures
20 November
2 DecemberSpaceborne Radars
4 DecemberFacility Requests and Proposals, how to apply for Facility use
9 DecemberNo class, prepare final project
13 DecemberNo class, prepare final project

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