Research Scientist, Ph.D

Dept. of Atmos. Sci., Colorado State University

3915 W. Laporte Ave., Fort Collins, CO 80521

(970) 491-8558,


University of Utah, Utah, PhD Atmospheric Sciences, 2006-2011

Lanzhou University, China, BS Atmospheric Sciences, 2000-2004


2010-2011, Recipient, NASA Earth and Space Science Fellowship (NESSF) Award

2009-2010, Recipient, Excellence in Graduate Research Award, University of Utah

Research Interests:

Tropical and subtropical precipitating cloud climatology: morphology, rainfall contribution, convective and microphysical properties, and regime variations

Mesoscale dynamics, convective processes, and microphysics: monsoon systems, deep convection, extreme rainfall events, and orographic effects

Satellite and ground-based remote sensing: rainfall retrievals using infrared, radar, and passive microwave techniques, radar meteorology



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