Colorado State University Radar Meteorology Group - MC3E


The Midlatitude Continental Convective Clouds experiment (MC3E) took place between April 22, 2011 and June 6, 2011 in north-central Oklahoma at the ARM Southern Great Plains facility to examine the convective processes and their representation in numerical models. There were many instruments present to provide researchers with ample information to study these processes.

Many groups were involved with this experiment, including DOE and NASA

Figure 1: Radar setup for the MC3E field campaign. Dual doppler rings are shown in solid lines, and dahsed lines show range rings from the central facility. Disdrometer (rain gauge) locations are shown in blue (green). Radar locations are shown in red.

The research on this page is done by Dr. Steve Rutledge's Radar Meteorology group, and focuses primarily on the many precipitation radars present during this field campaign. Two X-band radars (XSAPR SW, XSAPR SE), 1 C-band radar (CSAPR), 1 S-band radar (KVNX), NASA's dual-frequency (Ka- and Ku-band) high altitude radar HIWRAP, and an S-band profiler were used to create the information seen on the case pages.

This research is supported by the DOE ASR grant DE-SC0007016.