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Lidar Radar Open Software Environment

"The LROSE project aims to create core software and an open-source software exchange, facilitated by NCAR, but with software development and maintenance occurring throughout the user community. This exchange would function well beyond the scanning radar community to benefit users of wind profilers, lidars and possibly other remote sensors. LROSE will build on 25 years of software and standards created by NCAR and UNIDATA. The development model we propose is an NCAR-Community hybrid in which NCAR develops data formats and core software, and enables and encourages the user community to participate by developing application modules and algorithms. These modules would extend the core software to meet specialized data quality control, scientific analysis, display, and data integration needs. This hybrid approach is analogous to the successful approach used by the Weather Research and Forecasting model (WRF)."

Radx Suite of Programs (1/2)

Radx-based applications
Application name Description
RadxPrint Print radial data
RadxCheck Check CfRadial files
RadxConvert Convert between radial file formats
RadxDiff Check 2 Radx-supported files for differences
RadxEvad Compute Enhanced VAD
RadxFilter Filter data fields in range
RadxMergeFields Merge fields from 2 sets of radial data files

Radx Suite of Programs (2/2)

Radx-based applications
Application name Description
Radx2Grid Convert from irregular polar to a regular Cartesian or polar grid
RadxCov2Mom Compute moments from covariances
RadxPartRain Derive NCAR particle-ID and precipitation rate from dual-polarization fields
FixCfradialPaths Fix path names for CfRadial files, to conform to the expected directory and file naming conventions
FixRadxPointing Correct pointing errors in radial data

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