ATS780 - Atmospheric Electricity

Spring 2017 - Dr. Steven Rutledge


17 January Introduction
19 January Dr. Earle Williams, 2012 Franklin lecture (Lightning and Climate)
24 January No Class (AMS)
26 January No Class (AMS)
2 February Global Circuit Overview (Prof. Rutledge)
7 February No Class (travel)
9 February No Class (travel)
14 February Global Circuit Overview (Prof. Rutledge); J. Barnum (Global Circuit)
16 February J. Bukowski (Seasonal Variations); Spherical Capacitor and Schumman Resonance (Prof. Rutledge)
21 February K. Chudler (Electrified Shower Clouds); E-field Observations in Antarctica (Prof. Rutledge); CAPE Scaling (Prof. Rutledge)
23 February T. Davis (Lightning and Climate); K. Reimel (Global Circuit Intensity)
28 February Charge Structures and Charging Mechanisms (Prof. Rutledge)
2 March Student Presentations
7 March Student Presentations
9 March Student Presentations

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